In 1984, a young programmer begins to question reality as he works to adapt a fantasy novel into a video game.
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A lonely woman living in Tokyo decides to take an English class where she discovers her alter ego, Lucy.

Deji and Miranda has long time relationship before he met his sidechick. The reaction of Miranda was not funny when she discovered Chioma her man's sidechick
Synopsis: Love contest is a story of two friends fighting over a girl who brought great hatred among them, the question is how will their friendship be restored and who will marry the girl from both of them Cast & Crews: Ruby Ojiakor, Collins Ejike, chuks iwerebor, David O, Mathew Apketa, joke apart
About a wealthy man who wanted his only daughter to marry the son of his friend, but his daughter decided not to marry him rather chose to marry one of his father's slave,and suddenly the slave was killed while Dunni ,the only daughter and child of the wealthy man killed herself, reactions as people wanted to know who killed the slave
Sisters in conflict travelling through Europe toward a mystery destination

Poor Boyz Productions presents a Kai Lenny & Johnny DeCesare film, PARADIGM LOST in co-production with Red Bull Media House.

SYNOPSIS After a bad business deal that almost cost him everything, Charles seeks for solace in the arms of his lover who tends to break his heart even more. Broken, hurt and frustrated he met Sese who showed him an easy way out of his frustration. Will this easy way out make or mar him?

A matriarch past the point of a nervous breakdown, her two daughters that don't give a damn, and the heat-seeking missiles of resentment they toss at each other.

A team of four-member vigilant-like team of con artist set to employ their cyber-security expertise and acting skills towards a grand coning scheme to scam some oil magnates. But the grand question is, are the magas or would we discover that they are just pawns in a grander scheme of grandparent con?

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